How many COVIDSafe app downloads have there been?


So how is that app going?
Well, 5.5 million Australians have downloaded the app so far, and despite the Prime Minister saying that he doesn’t have a number that he had to see, this might not be enough.
Australians were lauded by the Government for their quick uptake of the app, but things appear to have settled down a little bit now…
ABC analyst Casey Briggs had the numbers on the ABC News channel a short time ago.
“We saw very quick uptake on that in the early days. It was only launched on April 26, and it had one million downloads in the first day and we rapidly saw within a few days, three million within four days and five million within ten days or so.
“We appear to maybe now be hitting the ceiling of where the COVIDSafe app uptake is. Since May 6 with five million, we only picked up another 500,000 numbers. Whether that’s a useful enough number, 5.5 million, to implement widespread contact tracing? Probably not.
“It is probably not as high as you would like to see. That’s only around a quarter of Australia’s population. Only around a third or maybe more than a third of the smartphones in Australia.”